Annalise Maltese  
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Available Puppies For Sale

         Occasionally we have puppies available for pet homes. For more information and availability Please contact us any time and I can tell you all about our puppies. 
    Our puppies are sold with AKC Limited Papers.We Do Not sell our pet puppies for breeding, and are on a spay and neuter contract!. All of our puppies are Vet checked and  up to date on vaccinations and wormed when offered to you as your new family member.


                                    Please feel free to call or e-mail any time.



    When trying to decide on a new Maltese companion, many people ask us about the differences between the male and the female Maltese.    In our opinion there are no distinct differences that would make one a better pet than the other.  

      The Maltese breed has such a wonderful, loving, sweet personality that it is difficult to distinguish any differences based on gender alone. There are sometimes subtle differences in personality between litter-mates. We personally feel that it is the temperament of the individual dog that is most important. When looking for the right Angel for you, you should look at the Angel's personality and not its gender.

      Some people are afraid that a little boy should not wear bows in his hair, but on the contrary, Male Maltese can wear bows, and get all dressed up, just like the ladies. Blue, green, purple, black and red are wonderful colors for boys.

      The right Angel for you will be the right Angel for you regardless of its gender. Maltese are especially wonderful in the personality department, males and females alike. Some of my sweetest, most well mannered,and loving Maltese ,are males.



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