Annalise Maltese  
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Annalise Maltese Adults

              Our Castle is filled with love and laughter as we watch our Royal Family grow to be all they were born to be. Here you will find Royal Beauty, Divine Elegance, and Angelic Little Angels worthy of any Royal Court. When you look into the eyes of our Maltese, you will find a calmness that reaches right into your soul. They display a total devotion and unconditional love. You will find yourself wondering how you ever lived without their love and loyalty. The way they can capture your heart is truly amazing. They will be faithfully yours, and true to the last beat of their heart. 


           CH Malo's Wind Me Up and Watch Me Go!                                                                         CH Diamonds Will of fortune at serenity
                                               AKA  " Flyer "                                                                                                                                 AKA  " Will"

                     CH Sands Dancing In The Breeze                                                                                                        CH Pashes Koochie Koo
                                        AKA "Danni "                                                                                                                                           AKA "KK"


                                                                                    Serenity's Ridley-Ridley Ree 
                                                                                          Pointed (8Points)
                                                                                                                        AKA "Sir Brady"


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