Annalise Maltese  
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                     We welcome you to ANNALISE MALTESE and our home here at the Castle.
                                                                  Castle Villa Rosa- The Rose 

     Come in, and stay as long as you wish. Within our doors you will find Courtly Love, Beauty, and all the qualities that make our Maltese truly the Kings, and Queens of our Castle. 
Forever in time, the greatest legend of all has been of Camelot, King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Guinevere, and the Knights of the Round Table. As timeless as King Arthur and the Round Table is , so is the little dog held on the arm of Royalty, the Maltese.  Our Castle has many treasures. Little ones fill the rooms as they learn, truly, what it means to be Royalty. We only have a few in our Royal Court, but they are all champions in our hearts. Our Royal Court is busy as our Kings, and Queens stroll around the courtyard. Our Ladies’ In Waiting and all of our young Knights are busy running, and playing, and learning what it means to be part of the Royal Family. Our Castle is truly filled with love and laughter as we watch our Royal Family grow to be all they were born to be. To meet our Royal Family just come and stay for a while with us. Within our Castle, you will find Royal Beauty, Divine Elegance, and Angelic Little Angels worthy of any Royal Court.
We occasionally have puppies and make them available as pets for loving pet homes. We have only a few precious Maltese, and they are our children. Our precious Maltese are raised in our home, and are our beloved pets first, and show dogs second. 
Within our castle, you will be able to view our Adults and their puppies. We raise only Maltese.  We do not broker or sell to pet stores, or breeders. Only one- on-one with private individuals.




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